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Why Partner With Apollo Louvers?

The demand for adjustable roof systems is growing in every market, from poolside cabanas and outdoor kitchens to rooftop pergolas and open-air restaurant dining.

If you are a builder that provides superior products and services to your clients and expects the same from the vendors you work with, Apollo is interested in partnering with you. Quality is not only in the product but also in the service that is provided. Apollo proves commitment to this with prompt responses, answering your calls, and places very high priority on order shipment accuracy.

The Apollo Advantage

Apollo is the result of the determination to develop a superior louvered roof system that would exceed industry standards.

This was achieved by combining high-quality heavy extrusion components with hardened color finishes and elegance in design, making for superior louvered patios and other outdoor spaces.


A few examples: The patented 8-inch louver is a “conveyance shape” design that carries and discharges the highest amount of rainwater available.

The reinforced Delrin pivot mechanism combined with precision control hardware and motorization components assures powerful, quiet motion. Specialized connections for beam corners and post-base fastening designed by Apollo provide a refined appearance and ease installation while improving system strength.

Ready To Become A Trusted Apollo Dealer?



Each Apollo system receives a set of shop drawings that are custom to the project site. The initial set will include a plan view, elevations, and isometric views.

With the dealer’s confirmation of dimensions, the connection details are compiled, and the project moves into the production queue. When engineering is requested, the completed project drawings are reviewed and stamped by a State Licensed Engineer and proceed to the production queue.


Each Apollo component is quality inspected during production and packaging. Louvers, beams, and associated control components are cut to finished lengths (unless specified otherwise).

Posts and gutters are sent long for field precision fit. Materials are wrapped or packaged for transit protection and custom crated for shipment.


The Apollo system was designed with input and recommendations from builders to improve and simplify louver installation.

Every connection point is included and fully detailed on the site-specific Apollo project plans. A pre-installation plan review meeting prior to a job site with Apollo staff will answer most questions, especially with a “first time” Apollo louver installs. System programming documentation and support videos are being developed and updated regularly.

A happy and satisfied customer is our goal and the staff at Apollo is ready to support the dealer to achieve that. 

Interested In Becoming An Apollo Dealer?

If you’re ready to partner with Apollo, click the link to be directed to our calendar where you can schedule a virtual consultation with one of our team members.