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Louvered Patios for Restaurants

Provide your restaurant with a comfortable yet stylish place for patio dining

Add Dining Space To Your Restaurant

Throughout the year, patio dining space can become limited, if not impracticable, in some circumstances. Having a louvered patio can increase year-round traffic for outdoor dining. Outdoor dining is essential for a lot of business because it can expand the number of tables you serve by a significant amount. Apollo Opening Roof provides commercial louvers to help your restaurant increase traffic, add beauty, and keep customers comfortable by providing them with a shady area to enjoy their food.

Outdoor dining is as important as ever as restaurants are relying on it because of the global pandemic. Restaurants throughout the country are opening up outside seating for customers to be served at. Having a high-quality louvered patio can keep your restaurant busy, keep your staff on sufficient hours, and provide your customers with year-round protection. You can read more about outdoor dining during a pandemic down below.

Control Temperature

With a louvered patio for your restaurant, you are able to control the temperature of your patio, all with our smart louver technology. Our louvers are able to block out the sun on those warm summer days. This not only blocks the heat coming from above but from the radiating from the table. This will allow your patio temperature to drop by 20 degrees! It is also possible to control the airflow with the position of your louver as well.


Here at Apollo, we work directly with builders to help you install your louver. Each Apollo component is thoroughly inspected during production and packaging to guarantee the quality that we strive for. For example, louvers, beams, and associated control components are cut to finished lengths (unless specified otherwise). We ship our materials to your builders in the most cautious way to avoid any unnecessary damages. If you’re interested, contact us today to find a builder near you.

Ready to Install a Louvered Patio for your Restaurant?

Don’t miss out on providing your restaurant a year-round solution to seat guests comfortably on your patio! You could be losing revenue because of this. Apollo is reliable and prides ourselves in our excellent customer service. You will love the way your new patio looks and so will your guests. Contact Apollo Opening Roof today to start your journey to a beautiful louvered patio!

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