An Apollo pergola combines beauty and function to create a meaningful outdoor space for you to enjoy. Each of our systems is custom crafted giving you control over exactly how you want it to look. From sizes, and shapes, to colors and finishes, you can build a system to match your style and the architectural design of your existing home or space. In this article, we will look at some of the top colors and combinations you can choose from for your Apollo pergola so you can start building your own backyard oasis.   

Color Options for Your Pergola

Here at Apollo, we utilize extruded aluminum for our framing and components. The material is incredibly strong while providing a lifetime of daily use. A powder coating finish is applied to provide a beautiful array of colors. This finish all but eliminates the need for time consuming painting, staining, and waterproofing. Our standard louvers and frames come in 5 colors: white, sand, bronze, pewter, and black. In addition, we have added slate as a standard color for frames. There are also an endless array of custom color options and wood grain finishes available.

All White

All White Pergola

If you are looking for a classic, bright, clean looking system, an all-white pergola may be the way to go. White serves as the perfect backdrop for experimenting with your own style. The color doesn’t distract from what’s around or under it, so it’s ideal for whatever you plan to do. Add patterns, textures, or splashes of color with throw pillows, rugs, curtains, or outdoor furniture. You can even change things out seasonally for added interest and appeal all year long. As an added benefit, white also attracts less sunlight than darker colors. This means your patio will remain cool to the touch even in the heat.

Slate Frames & Pewter Louvers

Slate and Pewter Pergola

If you are looking for a pergola with a modern, elegant feel, combining our darker slate frames with our lighter pewter louvers may be just what you are looking for. You’ve heard the term opposites attract right? Well, this speaks true in home-design as well. Contrast in your color scheme can create a sense of completion. In addition, the colors are basically a light and dark grey, so you put a variety of colors next to it and have it pop.

Bronze Frames & Sand Louvers

Bronze and Sand Pergola

Our dark bronze frames with our lighter sand louvers are also a popular choice. If you are looking for a pergola with a strong, rich, or earthy feel, this is the color combination for you. These browns look great if you plan to use natural colors in and around them. Stonework, wood furniture, and plants are just a few things to add to create a truly eye-catching structure.

Custom Colors, Finishes, & Integration For Your Pergola

Woodgrain Finished Pergola

If you have a very specific color scheme in mind, or if you have an existing structure built with a preferred material Apollo can still help.

Custom Colors and Finishes
While the colors listed above our standard colors we offer, there is also an endless array of other colors and finishes that we can use. In the example shown, the homeowner wanted the benefits of aluminum, but with the appearance of wood. Looking at it, you probably didn’t even realize it wasn’t wood. However, it is 100% our extruded aluminum framing and louvers. The system retains the low-maintenance and strength benefits our aluminum provides, while keeping with the rustic appearance of true wood.

Custom Integration
If you have your mind set on building a system with real wood, that’s ok too! Apollo can still help! Our systems are capable of being fully integrating into existing structures, including those made of timber or steel.

These are just a few of our most popular colors and combinations. If you are interested in seeing more options, we invite you to check out our gallery and instagram account. In addition, you can always speak to your local Apollo Opening Roof dealer about what options we offer.