A particular peacefulness comes when one is lazing in their backyard. Whether it’s reading a book, spending time with your friends and family, or just enjoying the outdoor space, there’s a little extra joy to doing it outdoors at your own home. However, there are days where a scorching sun or heavy rain can force you inside. Luckily, Apollo patio covers are here to help you stay cool, dry, and comfortable. Read on to learn about our louvered roofs, and contact us today to schedule an estimate.

What Are Louvered Roofs?

If you are new to the concept, louvered roofs are outdoor structures that cover your deck or patio. Like a modern pergola, vertical aluminum posts holding a framed structure support them. In addition, these structures contain horizontal slats named louvers.

How are Louvered Roofs Unique?

The difference is that louvered roofs can be conveniently opened at various angles, unlike your typical garden pergolas. This allows the owner to adjust them for sunlight, heat, rain, or snow.
Visit our site for the ultimate louvered systems on the market. Our Louvered roofs are wholly adjustable to allow just the required amount of sunlight to peek through. They offer protection from strong winds, debris, and other elements, making them perfect for all types of outdoor spaces — including fire pits and pergola patios.

Why Choose Louvered Roofs?

Louvered roofs offer a larger protection footprint than aluminum pergolas and other balcony covers, and you can depend on them in a variety of weather conditions. A properly designed and installed louvered roof can ensure that your outdoor space stays entertaining and relaxing, which completely transforms how you and your guests experience your property.
A louvered roof also ensures that you enjoy your backyard through all of the seasons. You can easily expand your indoors to the outdoors so that you can spend more time soaking in fresh cool air and ambient sunlight.


Unlike your characteristic metal pergola, you need a certified installer for your new louvered roof. You should always work with a team of installation experts to guarantee the correct installation of the roof. True experts will also be able to design the perfect louvered roof for your space and needs. The designing, building, and installation of an aluminum patio cover with a louvered roof can take approximately six-to-eight weeks.
A louvered roof can be the perfect upgrade for your outdoor space. At Apollo, we design and build the best louvered roof systems in the USA. Are you ready to upgrade your outdoor living space? Contact us today to speak with a helpful member of our team!