Where Can Louvered Pergolas Go?

You aren’t limited to patio or deck use with louvered pergolas.

Louvered pergolas are a wonderful tool that can protect your favorite outdoor areas, such as your deck and patio. Louvered pergolas are versatile, which adds to their popularity because they have an array of different potential uses. These structures change the entire feel of your space, all while ensuring that the area has coverage and a form of protection from weather conditions like heat, storms, rain, or hail.

Where Can Louvered Pergolas Go Infographic
Protect your pool with a louvered pergola

Over a Pool

A louvered pergola can keep your family protected and comfortable away from the sun’s rays while you enjoy your pool’s refreshing waters. Placing a louvered pergola over a pool also adds an additional layer of design, making the area feel more elevated and complete. Louvered pergolas can either partially or fully cover pools, and the end goal is to protect yourself and others from weather conditions while adding to your home’s overall value.

Your backyard parties will be elevated and protected with a louvered pergola

Backyard or Front Yard

Louvered pergolas can go in backyards or front yards to add more design and protection to these spaces and your home. Your yards, whether they are the back or front, tend to exist with little natural coverage, and adding a pergola can help eliminate the stresses that come with protecting your exterior living spaces. Adding a louvered pergola to your home’s yards can also mean easier event planning, as you can work around various seasons and their unpredictable weather patterns.

Keep your patrons happy and protected with a louvered pergola

Restaurant Patios

Similarly, restaurant patios must meet certain expectations for diners and customers. Patios don’t always need to emphasize the surrounding view, but your patio pergola should allow for a relaxing, enjoyable restaurant experience for patrons. Because patio dining has become increasingly popular for health and safety considerations, restaurants that utilize patio pergolas have a much higher success rate than those who don’t. Adding a louvered pergola to your restaurant’s patio space can help your business cater to the needs and desires of your customers and diners!

Rooftops are more enjoyable with shelter from the elements

Restaurant Rooftops

Louvered pergolas add ambiance to restaurants’ outdoor spaces. Rooftops can often be romantic, welcoming areas for dining guests or customers, but there are many spaces that can be difficult to enjoy due to harsh weather conditions. Many people will also venture to restaurant rooftops with the intention of basking in the incredible view in front of them. As a result, a louvered pergola over a restaurant rooftop is a great way to allow visitors to enjoy this view while protecting them from the sun and other potential weather conditions.

Implementing louvered pergolas to your outdoor spaces is a great way to upgrade your area. These coverings shield you from outside weather conditions, while also providing the ambiance of an enclosed, protected space outside of your home or restaurant. Your louvered pergola can be placed in a myriad of different areas, and of course, these are just a few of our favorites. If you’re ready to purchase a louvered pergola, contact us today!