The pandemic has reinvented a lot of industries throughout the United States, and one of the hardest hits has been the restaurant industry. We have seen patio dining become as popular as ever, and in some cases, mandatory for restaurants to stay open. Investing in a motorized pergola could bring multiple benefits to your business and potentially increase traffic. In this blog, we are going to name five ways installing a louvered roof for your patio could help your restaurant.

Temperature Control

With an opening roof, you are able to adjust the shades to control the temperature of your patio drastically. During those hot summer days with the heat radiating off the floor and tables, customers can get uncomfortable, leading them to not have the best experience they could. Apollo’s louvered roofs allow you to either completely block out the sun or let some air through for the perfect temperature for your staff and guests. We have even had stories of restaurant patios dropping by up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit!

Adds to the Aesthetic of Your Restaurant

Apollo designers have made several different styles and colors to complement any restaurant. Our louvers look great with any patio and increase curb appeal to potential guests as well. Plus, if you decide to open or close your louver, you’ll love the reaction you get from your guests. Our design is simple, clean, and elegant. Check out our gallery to see for yourself!

Weather Protection

Don’t lose business just because it’s raining or snowing! Apollo’s shades on our louvered roof, when closed all the way, won’t let a drop of rain seep through. Roof is in the name for a reason. You are able to install heaters with your louvered roof as well to keep your guests and employees warm when it gets colder. Having it rain and being able to sit outside creates a unique atmosphere in itself.

Our Opening Roof’s Are “Smart”

Our louvers are Alexa compatible, letting you have a hands-off approach to ultimate comfort. This can be helpful during those busy rushes as well! We offer an app as well that enables you to connect to your opening roof, letting you control everything from the position of the shades to the speed of ceiling fans.

Virtually Maintenance Free

We understand that a louvered roof for your restaurant’s patio is an investment, but the return will be absolutely worth it. One of the reasons is that you won’t have to worry about any maintenance issues unless something drastic happens. Our engineers designed our louvers with a finish that eliminates time-consuming painting, staining, and waterproofing. The aircraft-grade aluminum that we use prevents warping, cracking, and deformation.

Call Apollo Opening Roof Today

Apollo has provided restaurants around the country with beautiful louvered pergolas for customers to enjoy and relax under. Are you interested in transforming your restaurant’s patio? Reach out to us today and find an Apollo dealer here. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact our friendly team today!