The strongest industry growth is in outdoor living

In the past, it used to be that buyers wanted just a patio or just a pool – now these buyers really want a complete outdoor resort style living/entertaining experience at home.

We chose to exhibit at this year’s Pool Spa Patio Expo in New Orleans to focus on getting the most exposure to the right crowd.

This year’s event drew in more than 10,000 residential and commercial pool professionals from all of the country. It’s an international show where the industry collaborates for education, certification, and product awareness.

Since it’s the largest outdoor living expo in North America, it made sense that Apollo represented our brand and dealers with a massive booth.

Not only does this expose the Apollo system to builders, it gives us a chance to collaborate and meet other industry players within the outdoor living industry.


Making a lasting impression

We focused our booth on the system by setting up a large demo unit that basically covered every inch of real estate they allowed us to.

This took some work, and we appreciate our team for spending the time to set this up before the show – and taking it down after the event.

Rather than simply having brochures or a few sample pieces, this allowed everyone at the show to see how great the system is in person.

They had the chance to ask questions and get to know the product as they walked under the adjustable louvers and chatted with our team.

These types of interactions really make a difference when it comes to showcasing how well the product looks in person.


Looking toward 2020

Next years show in 2020 will be held at the beautiful Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas on November 11-13. 

We look forward to being a part of that show, which looks to be even bigger and draw a larger audience than 2019.

To learn more about the Pool Spa Patio Expo, click here to visit their official website.