At Apollo, we like to keep on top of the latest outdoor entertaining trends. Not only does it help us improve our products – it also prepares our dealers and installers for what clients are asking for.

One of these popular topics is IFTTT.

IFTTT is the acronym for “If This Then That”, meaning “If this happens”, then “do that“.  Basically one action triggers another action which you have been doing your whole life.

For example: IF THIS – the sun goes down, THEN THAT – you turn on the lights.

Today we have Smart Bulbs and Smart Plugs which we can allow on/off control from anywhere in the world with a Smart Phone.

Using an IFTTT “Applet” those lights can now turn on automatically at sunset everyday, a time that changes throughout the year.

The good news is…this service is free from


Why will your clients be asking about IFTTT?

Brand name manufacturers of Smart Home Devices have rapidly joined with IFTTT, and consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the advantages this technology brings.

With the addition of a Somfy communications device called a MyLink, the Apollo Opening Roof System becomes a Smart Home Device compatible with IFTTT.

How does this work with Apollo? Here’s a quick example:

Example #1:

IF THIS – temperature outside raises to 80°
THEN THAT – the Apollo louvers close.

Example #2:

IF THIS – at sunrise,
THEN THAT – the Apollo louvers open to a custom set position.

Those are just two simple scenarios among countless custom trigger possibilities.

Don’t be surprised when prospective clients ask if the shading system you sell will work with IFTTT, and now you can have the confidence to say “YES”!


How to learn more about IFTTT

If you would like to learn more about what IFTTT services can do, or what the related terms mean, the Somfy website has details and explanations that can help get you up to speed…click here!